• QUALITIUM Protect – Mineral and semisynthetic oils with SL/CF grades. Dedicated to passenger cars and delivery vehicles, older or several years old.
  • QUALITIUM Power – Semisynthetic and fully synthetic oils including SN / C3 / C2 / CF grade. Dedicated to engines of passenger cars and delivery vehicles.
  • QUALITIUM Truck – Mineral, semisynthetic and synthetic oils of SHPD and UHPDO classifications and quality specifications CI-4, CH-4, E7 / E6, A3 / B4. Dedicated varied fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles.



Chemnaft offers a wide range of products for industry, agriculture, automotive and aviation. Chemnaft’s offer includes gear oils, mechanical, hydraulic, engine oils and specialty oils produced under individual contractors’ orders. From this year to the already wide range of products joins a line of dedicated oils for passenger cars, a delivery vehicles, trucks and buses – QUALITIUM MOTOR OIL.


Delta Gas

DELTA-GAS has been operating on the fuel and petroleum products market since 2010. From the beginning they are specialized in the wholesale of diesel. They cooperate with the largest foreign and domestic suppliers. The customers are companies engaged in the wholesale and retail distribution of petrol stations, transport companies, manufacturing companies that use diesel to their internal processes. Besides diesel, the Delta Gas is focused on to deliver the best quality gasoline, aviation fuel and LPG. This year, Delta Gas’s first branded station has been launched and further investments are planned in this area.


Exodus Group

Exodus Group has been working successfully with Maciej Pospieszynski for more than three years, working on his image and his marketing, PR, graphic design, sponsorship and collaboration.