• QUALITIUM Protect – Mineral and semisynthetic oils with SL/CF grades. Dedicated to passenger cars and delivery vehicles, older or several years old.
  • QUALITIUM Power – Semisynthetic and fully synthetic oils including SN / C3 / C2 / CF grade. Dedicated to engines of passenger cars and delivery vehicles.
  • QUALITIUM Truck – Mineral, semisynthetic and synthetic oils of SHPD and UHPDO classifications and quality specifications CI-4, CH-4, E7 / E6, A3 / B4. Dedicated varied fleet of trucks and delivery vehicles.



Chemnaft offers a wide range of products for industry, agriculture, automotive and aviation. Chemnaft’s offer includes gear oils, mechanical, hydraulic, engine oils and specialty oils produced under individual contractors’ orders. From this year to the already wide range of products joins a line of dedicated oils for passenger cars, a delivery vehicles, trucks and buses – QUALITIUM MOTOR OIL.


GoldWings Flight Academy

The GoldWings Flight Academy is Poland’s one of largest and most established JAA Flight Training Organisation. We are approved to deliver training from first flight to Airline Pilot.
We are based at Warsaw Babice Executive Airport inside of Warsaw City, Poland. We operate a fleet of four Cessna 152 aircraft, two Cessna 172 aircraft, a Piper Arrow and Piper Seneca aircraft.

Our professional courses are taught by Airline Pilots with years of experience. We are open for all from those who want to flight private through acrobatic flying pilots to those who want to be Airline Pilots.



Flyspot is world’s best freefall simulators, a places where gravity does not exist.

On the technical side: a vertical tunnels with a diameter of 4.5 meters with a closed air circuit where high power fans to produce a uniform air flow at speeds up to 330 km / h
Devices to meet the eternal human dream – floating freely in the air, flying like a bird.


Exodus Brand

Exodus Brand has been working successfully with Maciej Pospieszynski for more than three years, working on his image and his marketing, PR, graphic design, sponsorship and collaboration.