Drift and air acrobatics are undoubtedly extremely spectacular sports. On the one hand clouds of smoke, squeal of tires, roar of engines. On the other - terrifying speeds, overloads that most of us will never try, and aerial figures drawn in the sky. This is a sight that can not be forgotten!

We decided to intensify experienced emotions and to make the show more attractive by finding a common denominator in both disciplines - Qualitium Team!
We combine motosport with aviation, and our players will qualify this season as the Qualitium Team during the most prestigious Drift Masters GP Championships and at aerial shows and Polish and European Championships in air acrobatics.

Both drift and air acrobatics require players with not only great technical and physical preparation, but also with a sense of aesthetics and soul of the artist. The huge show also includes huge expenses: workouts, equipment, trips and operation.

Emotions are provided by top-class players:

Paweł Borkowski

Rising drift star. In 2016 was recognized by the Drift Masters Grand Prix for the greatest progress of the physical condition. Winning several rounds and finishing the season in fifth place, he became a fighter that all of the more experienced teammates fear.

Maciej Pospieszyński

Twice World Champion in glider acrobatics and Polish Champion in air acrobatics (15 medals of the World and European Championships in 5 years), who will surprise us with the evolutions in the plane EXTRA 330 S.C., acquired by the QUALITIUM brand.

Two masters combined with the best machines and heads full of ideas. It must work!